Vietnamese Gastronomy

Vietnamese cuisine is among one of the best in the world. It knows how to keep its uniqueness enriching itself with other cuisines.

It is characterized by the systematic fresh and light products, using mainly tropical fruits and vegetables while avoiding fats.

In spite of the regional differences in the styles of cooking, a certain number of ingredients and dishes are common throughout the country. One can experience in the Vietnamese cuisine subtle flavours which makes its uniqueness..

Vietnamese cuisine is particularly varied, going from exotic meats to delicious vegetarian dishes. However, the basic Vietnamese cuisine is its plain white rice, accompanied by a large variety of vegetables, meat, and fishes, with spices and sauces.

A different cuisine, different from the neighbouring countries. We do not use butter, cream, alcohol, or salt which is replaced by Nuoc Mam

The Vietnamese cuisine is characterized by:

  • - Broth made for the dish
  • - raw spices, chiseled at the last moment
  • - short cooking time
  • - short marinades
  • - regional cooking

Cuisine from South Vietnam is tropical; it associates coconut, citronella, hot pepper, pineapple and numerous fruits which are found in the Mekong Delta.

In the Center of the country, the cuisine is sweet and sour and it is also hotter. The North stands out with its vegetables of all seasons which are blended with herbs and fresh water fish. The most popular dish in the country is PHO which comes from the North.